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Advancing the rights and welfare of Filipino youth


Regular Educational Sessions

We conduct study sessions on an ongoing basis, whenever there is a need for them or if we are requested to do so.  These sessions can be delivered as interactive workshops (which allow participants to relate their personal experiences to the topic) or as lectures, depending on what participants request. 

Some of the workshops/lectures we regularly conduct are:

Migrante Orientation: The History of Our Migration and Our Current Situation
This module covers a short history of Philippine migration from pre-colonial times to the present, the root causes of our migration, and the current situation of overseas Filipinos, including migrant and immigrant Filipinos’ organizing efforts all over.

Philippine History and Society
This module covers Philippine history in a way that allows participants to clearly trace the roots of current events and issues to developments in history.  This module also highlights the continuing efforts of the Filipino people at resisting foreign domination, oppression by local ruling classes and creating genuine democracy.

Si Maria, Nena, Gabriela, atbp.: A Philippine HERstory
This module traces the historical development of women’s roles in Philippine society.  It shows how the status of women has been degraded by centuries of colonization, and highlights Filipino women’s contributions to the struggle for women’s liberation and national liberation.

Tambayan for Newcomers

Tambayan is a weekly program for newly-arrived Filipino youth, composed of awareness-raising, skill-bulding and information-sharing workshops.  Tambayan was initiated in 2009 in partnership with SEAS Centre and Philippine Advocacy Through Arts and Culture.  Starting in January 2011, Tambayan will also include field trips and social events.  Check this blog often for updates.

Kamalayan Filipino Konsciousness Series

The Kamalayan Filipino Konsciousness Series aims to uplift and inform young people to move forward responsibly, conscious of their power and their crucial role in creating change. Kamalayan’s bi-weekly workshops and events take a critical look at Philippine history, culture, and current events to encourage dialogue, awareness and consciousness as a foundation for youth empowerment. Kamalayan means “awareness” or “consciousness” in Filipino. Presented in community partnership with Kapisanan Philippine Centre. 


Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran History Lectures

The Ka Bel History Lectures are a series of educational presentations/discussions on the past and recent history of the Filipino people’s struggle for freedom, with particular focus on the development of the Philippine labour movement.  The lecture series is dedicated to the memory of Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran, long-time labour leader turned congress representative, who passed away in April 2008 shortly after a visit to Canada.  Ka Bel’s life story was marked by poverty, repression and active resistance and the legacy that he leaves behind puts him in the ranks of the “heroes” and “heroines” who struggled against repressive authorities to make a better life for his fellow Filipinos.

Updated 03-Dec-2010

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