MIGRANTE Ontario Youth

Advancing the rights and welfare of Filipino youth

About Us


Migrante Ontario Youth is an organization which works for the rights and welfare of Filipino youth in Ontario through education, training, organizing, advocacy and campaigns.  We are the youth wing of MIGRANTE Ontario, an alliance of Filipino migrants’ organizations in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Barrie, advocating for migrants’ rights and welfare. MIGRANTE Ontario is a chapter of MIGRANTE International, an alliance of 100 Filipino organizations worldwide.

• To educate, organize and mobilize Filipino youth in Ontario
• To promote the rights and welfare of Filipino youth in Ontario
• To work in collaboration with individual and organized Filipino youth in Ontario
• To support overseas Filipinos through participation in coordinated activities and campaigns with Migrante Ontario and Migrante International
• To generate support for the struggle of Filipino people for a just and humane society
• To work with other organizations of youth, im/migrant youth and social justice organizations

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