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Kamalayan Konsciousness Series, Session 5: The Social – Moving Forward

Posted by anakbayantoronto on November 25, 2010

Migrante Ontario Youth, in community partnership with Kapisanan Philippine Centre, presents a FREE event


Wednesday, December 1, 2010
The Last Temptation (bar/restaurant)
12 Kensington Ave., Toronto [MAP

Where are you headed for in 2011?

As we are approaching the twilight of 2010, we are now moving forward into another year filled with new challenges, new opportunities, and new beginnings. This coming WEDNESDAY we invite you to take part as we look into the future and be A PART of a movement through open discourse on social issues. We want to know what you want and your concerns about the world as we go forth in a journey together as we unlock the mysteries that we have longed to understand.

Hang-out and take part with your friendly neighborhood Kamalayan crew.

This event is open to everyone, invite your friends! It’s a FREE event, and drinks and food are available through the bar.

* * *
KAMALAYAN means “awareness” or “consciousness” in Filipino.

The Kamalayan Filipino Konsciousness Series aims to uplift and inform young people to move forward responsibly, conscious of their power and their crucial role in creating change.
Kamalayan’s bi-weekly discussions and events take a critical look at history, culture, and current events to encourage, dialogue, awareness and consciousness as a foundation for youth empowerment.
While the focus is on the Philippines, we will also discuss global issues that affect everyone.

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