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ePassport and Consular Services Campaign

Posted by anakbayantoronto on October 14, 2010

Migrante Ontario Youth is participating in the ePassport and Consular Services Campaign of Migrante International. 

The ePassport is another service for overseas Filipinos which is becoming more and more difficult to access because of increasing fees imposed by the Philippine government.  Many Filipino migrant workers in Canada have families back home whom they are sending money to or are waiting to sponsor.  The increased ePassport fee adds to the financial burden which makes it difficult for migrant workers and their children to be reunited.  Even when migrants are already able to bring their families here, many of them remain financially burdened because of all the fees they’ve had to pay, making the settlement process of their families even more challenging.  In the meantime, the Philippine government is reaping huge profits from the dollar remittances of migrant workers while failing to protect their rights overseas.

Migrante Ontario Youth encourages all Filipino youth to participate in this campaign.  Download the petition below and gather signatures from family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

Please submit the signed petitions to Migrante Ontario Youth BEFORE NOVEMBER 15, 2010.

DOWNLOAD:  ePassport-petition-english

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