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Migrante Youth at Kapisanan’s PSL 4

Posted by anakbayantoronto on August 24, 2009

Migrante Youth has been invited to present a segment of the last part of Poetry is our Second Language (PSL): Poetry of Struggle.  PSL is a four-week workshop at the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture, facilitated by spoken word poet Len Cervantes.  Below is the invite taken from the Kapisanan blog (kapisanan.wordpress.com)

* * *

Its the FOURTH and FINAL week of Kapisanan’s Poetry Unit!

On Thursday, August 27 our special guest will be Migrante Youth! You might be wondering what’s that’s got to do with POETRY — but I think you’ll see the answer is A LOT.

MIGRANTE Ontario Youth is an organizing group which aims to bring together Filipino youth for the purpose of building awareness about the history and continuing struggles of the Filipino people towards engaging in collective action for social change. (more about Migrante Youth HERE.)

Week 4 of PSL
“The Poetry of Struggle”
Migrante Youth + TBA
@Kapisanan 167 Augusta
*plan Poetry Night at KPC!

We’re ending the unit off with a focus on “The Poetry of Struggle”. What Poets made their marks at pivotal times in Philippine History? What pieces of writing did their part to change the course of history? What role can Poetry and Spoken Word play in educating and uplifting? Building a Community?


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