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Crispin Beltran Philippine History Lectures: Part III

Posted by anakbayantoronto on March 11, 2009

Part III:  The Philippine Working Class Movement in the Era of U.S. Colonialism

The Commonwealth Government and Attempts to Divide the Union Movement; The Struggle against Japanese Occupation during WWII (1917-1945)

sugarmill_1910-19202Thursday, March 19, 2009
University of Toronto
Bahen Centre for Information Technology
Room 2135
40 St. George Street, Toronto

This next installment of the lecture series covers the latter part of the American colonial period and the period of Japanese occupation.

After the complete pacification of the Filipinos through the Philippine-American War, the American colonialists continued the repression of the working class by co-opting the ruling classes and established the Commonwealth Government. But even though the armed resistance was suppressed, Filipinos continued to organize through labour unions and community associations which clamoured not only for workers’ rights but also for national liberation, and eventually formed a working class party.

As the Second World War broke out, Japan invaded the Philippines and the United States retreated, leaving Filipinos to struggle against a new imperial force.

Some topics and personalities to be covered:

  • Crisanto Evangelista
  • Manuel L. Quezon
  • The Commonwealth Government
  • Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s famous promise: “I shall return.”

*Attendance at previous lectures is not a pre-requisite. A recap of major points from the first two lectures will be provided.

*This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Presented in partnership with the Filipino Students’ Association of Toronto (FSAT).

For more information, contact migranteON.youth@gmail.com or (647) 239-6553.

Visit our page on the entire Ka Bel lecture series:


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